It might be necessary for me to use math equation in Markdown and start to learn LaTex.

How to Use LaTex in GitHub Markdown

GitHub markdown seems not to support LaTex :weary:

So, we should:

  1. use Online LaTeX Equation Editor - create, integrate and download
  2. generate equation URL
  3. embet it as img in the *.md file.

ref: GithubのREADMEとかwikiで数式を書く

Let’s get started

When using equation in LaTex file, we can use 3 styles.

  1. $ <equation> $
  2. \[ <equation \]
  3. \begin{equation} <equation> \end{equation}

The first syntax is inline style, and the rest is block style.

The difference between 2. and 3. is that 2. is NOT add equation NUMBER and 3. does.

But I think my purpose to use LaTex is simply embedding math equation in Markdown, then these things I learned here is not so important.



This is a sample equation in LaTex.

  E = mc^{2}



This is a sample equation in Latex.

And next

Fortunately the online editor is really helpful to generate equation without knowledge of LaTex literal, I’ll learn it gradually when needed.

Bye :yum: